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Themed Gift Sets

Themed Gift Sets

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Themed Gift Sets

We have created 9 new gift sets just for you! Each gift set revolves around a particular theme and is full of goodies relating to each of them. We include a beautiful card with each set! Each set comes with instructions, tips, and ideas for a greater experience!  These are gifts that can help fill those holiday needs or can be given for any occasion!

Gift Set Descriptions

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Aroma Gift Set– 1 Herbal Candle, 1 Essential Oil, 1 Essential Oil Diffuser, 1 Incense Pack and 1 Incense Holder.

Candle Gift Set– 1 Herbal Candle, 7 Chakra Mini Candles, 4 Votive Candles, Candle Holder

Crystal Gift Set– Tumble stones with pouch, metaphysical properties and cleaning instructions, 1 Crystal Empowerment Pouch, 1 Crystal Bracelet with 1 Crystal Pendant

Feng Shui Gift Set– 1 Feng Shui Pouch, 1 Elements Incense, 1 Bagua Mirror, 1 Feng Shui Chimes

Herbal Gift Set– 1 Remedy Blend, 1 Natural Pain Gel, 1 Herbal Teabag Pack, 1 Herbal Candle.

Love Gift Set– 1 small Crystal Heart, 1 Aphrodisiac Tea Pack, 1 Rose Essential Oil, 1 Herbal Candle.

Massage Gift Set– 1 Angel’s Mist Massage Oil, 1 Herbal Candle, 4 Hot Stones, Instructions, 1 Massage Tool.

Romance Gift Set– 1 Angel’s Mist Love Butter Lotion, 1 Incense Pack, 1 Essential Oil, 1 Essential Oil Diffuser.

Stress-Ease Gift Set– 1 Stress-Ease Remedy Blend, 1 Eye Pillow, 1 Massage Tool, 1 Calming Music CD.

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