Collection: Hop Hare Jute Bags, Totes & Pouches

Crafted with eco-friendly, sustainable jute and fortified with a biodegradable Polypropylene (PP) lamination, our Hop Hare Jute Bags provide the perfect balance between durability and environmental responsibility.

The inner lamination not only stiffens the bag but also protects the natural fibers, ensuring a structured and solid construction that lasts. Each bag features an enchanting Hop Hare mystical design on its sides. Decorated with an affirmation on the front, Hop Hare Jute Bags make a statement wherever you go.

The Hop Hare Tarot Tote Bags aren't your average bags - they're like little works of art, blending classic tarot symbols with a whimsical hare design.

The Hop Hare Pouch is not just a place to keep your essentials, it is also a daily reminder to embrace your unique qualities. Made from natural jute, it caters to the eco-conscious market and resonates with those who seek positivity and self-acceptance.