Collection: RUNE SETS

Runes are ancient characters with historical significance, originating from runic alphabets used by Germanic peoples, including Vikings, during the early centuries of the Common Era. Each rune carries symbolic meaning, representing not only a phonetic sound but also holding mystical or magical properties. The runic alphabets, such as the Elder Futhark, consist of distinct symbols, each associated with specific concepts, deities, or natural elements.

Beyond their linguistic function, runes were often employed in divination and magical practices by ancient communities. The runic inscriptions on artifacts, stones, or wooden surfaces serve as a window into the beliefs, culture, and spirituality of those who used them. In contemporary contexts, runes continue to capture the imagination, with enthusiasts using them for divination, meditation, or as decorative elements in art and jewelry. The allure of runes lies in their rich cultural heritage and the mystique surrounding the ancient symbols that connect us to the wisdom of our ancestors.