Collection: Tibetan Prayer Wheels

Tibetan Prayer Wheels are cylindrical devices often made of metal, wood, or even stone, used by Tibetan Buddhists as a means of prayer and meditation. These wheels are inscribed with sacred mantras or prayers, usually written in Sanskrit or Tibetan script. Turning the prayer wheel clockwise is believed to have the same spiritual benefits as orally reciting the prayers inscribed on it.

The act of spinning the prayer wheel is considered an embodiment of the Buddha's teachings and is believed to generate positive spiritual energy, purify negative karma, and bring blessings to the practitioner and all sentient beings. Tibetan Buddhists often incorporate the use of prayer wheels into their daily rituals, whether in monasteries, temples, or in personal practice.

The design of Tibetan prayer wheels varies widely, from handheld portable versions to large, ornate wheels mounted on pedestals. Some prayer wheels are powered by hand, while others are driven by wind or water. Regardless of the design, the intention behind using a prayer wheel remains consistent – to cultivate mindfulness, compassion, and spiritual well-being.