Collection: Ohm Therapeutics Tuning Forks

Made from solid aluminum bar stock and expertly tuned for a lifetime of use, the Ohm Therapeutics Tuning Forks offer a premium choice for those seeking a powerful, resonant and comfortable sound therapy experience. The polished smooth stem ensures maximum comfort when placed on the body, making these medical-grade instruments a top choice for effective healing.

Use Ohm Tuning Forks to relax tight muscles, reduce inflammation, and increase the flow of vital energy essential to healing. Our weighted tuning forks fall into the frequency range shown to help reduce swelling and inflammation (25-150 hz) and can help build and strengthen bone matrix. The circular weights function to help transfer vibration to stem of tuning fork where it can be felt through skin  and bone conduction.

Unweighted Ohm Tuning Forks are designed for use in the energetic field surrounding the body and attuning the Chakras. We highly recommend “clearing” with the higher octave Ohm Tuning Forks at the end of a treatment session.  Also recommended for Reiki and EFT practitioners, Shamanic work and Ceremony.

Ohm Therapeutics is a harmonious  healing system based on the earth tone of Ohm, and octaves of this beneficial frequency. We also offer the Luna Octave, as the earth’s moon has specific qualities that make it useful in treating certain conditions.