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Sound Healing Music 4-CD Set

Sound Healing Music 4-CD Set

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Sound Healing Music 4-CD Set


This Box Set features four CDs in the key of Ohm, an ancient tuning based on the Earth’s orbital path around the Sun, plus liner notes featuring artist’s statement and publisher’s notes about Ohm, from its Vedic roots to its contemporary use as a sound healing frequency. 

Sound and Music are by many considered to be the new frontier of healing. De Muynck’s works have inspired a generation of composers and healthcare practitioners to explore the healing benefits of a tone associated with the Earth. These influential recordings are Sound Healing classics you’ll want to add to your music library.

Running Time: 4 hours

Deeply relaxing, ideal for shamanic journeying, stress reduction, and pain management. Music harmonizes with the sound vibration of Ohm Tuning Forks, enhancing their effectiveness

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