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Power of the Pendulum Ebook

Power of the Pendulum Ebook

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Power of the Pendulum Ebook

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Power of the Pendulum is Andrew’s long awaited and most requested ebook to date! For anyone who needs help and answers with events in their life, this ebook is a must-have for anyone who wants or owns a pendulum or dowsing tool.

Pendulums can give you information from the same two sources as your intuition: your own subconscious mind, and from your guide, spirit, or guardian angel. Pendulums are wonderful for healing Chakra work, communication work and making a choice of any kind!

This 65-page ebook contains over 30 mind map/pendulum grids. This is a great book to bring you the power of the pendulum and the secrets to using, unlocking and encouraging understanding in your life.  

The course includes:
~The Purpose of Metaphysics
~The Universal Laws
~The Energy Around You
~Your Intuition Exercise
~What is a pendulum/how it works?
~How to make a pendulum
~The Yes or No Response
~Types of questions/what its used for?
~What causes incorrect responses?
~Connecting to your higher self
~No expectations, endless possibilities
~Feng Shui and decluttering your life
~Creating a sacred space
~Pendulum grids or mind maps
~Alpha-numeric chart
~Probabilities chart
~Circular numbers grid
~Brain charts
~Star of David
~Chakra grids
~Crystal and gem essence
~Color and personality
~Psychology of astrology signs
~Astrological house mind map
~Causes of health problems
~Supplements and dosages
~The power of opposites
~Forecasting divination map
~The physical and metaphysical body
~Dowsing for water
~Insight from the ASD
~Resources and groups
~Create your own grids

Buy and download this fascinating 65 page ebook NOW!

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