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Hop Hare Jute Big Bag - I am Rare

Hop Hare Jute Big Bag - I am Rare

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Hop Hare Jute Big Bag - I am Rare

Featuring a captivating Devil tarot-inspired design, this Hop Hare Bag exudes an aura of mystique and uniqueness.

Crafted from sustainable jute fibers, this bag not only makes a bold fashion statement but also reflects your commitment to environmental sustainability. With ample space and reinforced handles, it's designed for both practicality and durability.

Each bag proudly bears the empowering affirmation 'I am Rare', serving as a reminder of your unparalleled individuality and strength. Embrace their distinctiveness.

Whether for daily excursions, edgy fashion statements, or as a symbol of empowerment, this bag is a striking accessory that commands attention.

Dimensions: 38 x 27 x 11 cm / 14.96 x 10.62 x 4.33 in

Handle length: 26 cm (10,23 in)

Material: Cotton Canvas

Product of India

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