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Holiday Gift Bundles

Holiday Gift Bundles

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Holiday Gift Bundles

We have taken some of our most popular and wonderfully inspiring products and bundled them together into these fantastic gift sets. Using the holidays as a theme, we filled gift boxes with healing, scented and metaphysical goodies such as candle sets, essential oils, crystals, incense, jewelry, and more! These wonderful gift sets are all wrapped and ready to go!  

Description of Gift Bundles

“Angel’s Kiss”: Angel’s Mist Pure 100% Essential Oil (1), diffuser for essential oil (1), Angel tumblestone with instructions (1), Angel’s Mist” Remedy Blend oil (1), beautiful decorative Angel ornament (1), inspirational set of angel incense cones and scented Botanical candle (1).

“Sacred Scents”: Frankincense, Copal and Myrrh Resin Blend incense with charcoal, (1) sweet Sage Bundle, Doop Stick incense (1), wooden incense holder (1), diffuser for essential oil (1), Angel’s Mist Pure 100% Essential Oil (1), set of cone incense (1) and a crystal incense stick set (1).

“Healing Garden”: Healing Botanical Candle Set (4), our premier supplement samples (3), Chakra Crystals with pouch and instructions (7), inspirational music CD, and our fragrant healing Aura Myst spray for room and body (1).

“Winter Wonderland”: Winter Wonderland Botanical Candle (1), very special decorative ornaments (2), inspirational music CD (1), Angel’s Mist Pure 100% Essential Oils (2), diffuser for essential oils (1), a quarter pound of our soothing, organic Aromathera-Tea and tea ball.

“Joyful Giving”: Our Joy Aromatherapy Botanical Candle(1), inspirational crystal bracelet (1), Crystal Elixir perfume oil (1), inspirational music CD (1), beautiful, decorative ornament (1), crystal single terminated quartz point (1), scented aromatherapy sachet (1) and Angel’s Mist Aura Myst spray.

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