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Golden Buddha & Lotus Tabletop Water Fountain

Golden Buddha & Lotus Tabletop Water Fountain

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Golden Buddha & Lotus Tabletop Water Fountain

Discover the transformative power of feng shui in your home. Improve your mood, well-being, and inner strength with this tranquil indoor Tabletop Water Feature. Experience balance, harmony, and natural flow like never before.

Create a sense of good feng-shui and positive energy in your home by placing the fountain in the north corner, representing water elements. A hallway is also an ideal location, as long as the water flows towards the inside of your home to keep the positive energy within. Working from home? Consider adding the fountain to your home office for an inspiring and productive atmosphere.

The soothing sound of trickling or falling water is a peaceful, serene sound that can help you relax. If you listen to the sound, especially while meditating, it can also help you release any tension or stress you may hold onto.

Built-in Lighting - Pump Included - Flow/Rate Control - Electric

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