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Chakracology Certification Course

Chakracology Certification Course

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Chakracology Certification Course

The Chakracology workbook format allows you to look at the energy of the Chakra and how they affect us on a daily basis. The book allows you to work through each center on a mental, spiritual, as well as a physical level and then find ways to re-align, balance and manage your energy in a positive way!

The word “Chakra” is Sanskrit for wheel or disk and signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body. Each of these centers correlates to major nerve ganglia branching forth from the spinal column. In addition, the Chakras also correlate to levels of consciousness, archetypal elements, developmental stages of life, colors, sounds, body functions, and much much more.

Diseases tend to point to the region of the body that is governed by that Chakra. This allows us to see where the energy is “stagnant”. This energy is connected with our physical body through seven centers. These centers represent our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. When these centers are healthy and in balance, then we are the equivalent.


We award those that complete the program with a “Chakracology Therapist Certification” from the National Association of Holistic Wellness.  After completing the course and passing the final exam, students are awarded this certificate. Our Chakracology Course has been specifically designed for people who wish to use the knowledge, understanding and techniques of energy healing, professionally.


Andrew has devised this very thorough workbook with questionnaires, exercises, meditations, color, aroma, yoga, acupressure, massage and herbal applications for healing and balancing our energy centers!

Learn incredible healing techniques and applications for not only yourself but for those who are practitioners, Andrew has created great methods for your patients as well.


You will comprehend rainbow healing and effective energy balancing techniques that will enhance your sensitivity and intuition and add another dimension to your healing work. You will discover body energies with the Chakra and Aura systems, light and crystal therapies for Chakra, Chakra meditations, the meaning, messages and master approach to working with these centers. We include techniques that every Chakra therapist should know.


The Anatomy of the Chakra includes associations, colors, crystals, yoga, acupuncture, meditations, mental, physical, emotional aspects, flower essence, aromatherapy, locations, governing bodies, visceral associations, astrological signs, mind associations, spiritual guidance, physical approaches to healing and balancing our etheric energy source.


The home study student can work at their own pace and enjoy the benefits of learning whenever they have the time to do so.  Everyone can work when they want, on their own time. You may take as long as you wish to complete this course. There are NO deadlines, NO expectations, NO pressure. The intention is to make this a hands-on practical course which becomes a living experience, NOT just interesting reading.


This home study course works at the deepest level of understanding as it helps you to learn more, each day, about the auric spectrum, how we harness its power to heal and when and where is the best time to use it.  Color is present in the food we eat, clothes we wear, environment we live and work in, as well as, the colors we are attracted to each day. These balancing tools are use for the Chakra and aura system each day, and we may not even be aware of it!


Andrew had the great pleasure of studying under his mentor, Zachary Selig,  the American artist, author, interior designer and celebrity spiritist. His book, Kundalini Awakening: A Gentle Guide to Chakra Activation and Spiritual Growth, was the launch of Chakra healing in the West and Andrew helped co-write his Chakra Codex manual. Andrew brings the most thorough, healing paradigms of the Chakra together in this course!

This incredible course curriculum includes:

1. Chakra Overview
2. Chakra History
3. Techniques
4. Three Connectors
5. Anatomy of the Chakra
Includes associations, colors, crystals, yoga, acupuncture, meditations, mental, physical, emotional aspects, flower essence, aromatherapy, locations, governing bodies, visceral associations, astrological signs, mind associations, spiritual guidance, physical approaches to healing and balancing our etheric energy source.

a. Root Chakra
b. Spleen/Sacral Chakra
c. Solar Plexus Chakra
d. Heart Chakra
e. Throat Chakra
f. Third Eye/Brow Chakra
g. Crown Chakra

6. Beyond the Seven Chakra
7. Practical: Palm Chakra
8. The Basis of Healing
9. Color Ray Rainbow Healing
10. Practical: Color Light Meditation
11. Practical: Cycles of Light
12. Healing Herbs and their Chakra

13. Chakra Aura Aromatherapy

14. Blending Oils

15. Oils Chart
16. Chakra and Candle Therapy
17. Color Chart for Candles Therapy
18. Foods Classified by Color
19. Full Spectrum Diet
20. Chakra Elixirs
21. Recipe Cards
22. Chakra and Flower Essences
23. How to Take Flower Essences
24. Archangels and Chakras
25. Connecting with Angels
26. Chakra Angel Compendium
27. Chakra Aura Meditation Cards
28. Chakra and Acupressure Points
29. Chakra Massage
30. Chakra and Astrology
31. Planetary Chakra
32. Chakra Meditation, “I”
33. Your Chakracology Healing Session
34. Forms
35. Products
36. Finale Exam


 You will gain over 350-hours upon successful completion of this program. This can be the beginning of your rewarding career in Chakra therapy and healing.

Acquire the  education of extensive color as well as clinical counseling techniques which are necessary for any healer.

You will learn the transformation and personal growth that has come to be known as the “ Energy Experience”.  This foundation is the basis of all our homestudy courses and ebooks. It is the process of learning with an open mind, learning information that builds upon itself and helps you to comprehend healing information in a positive, non-judgmental way.  This helps you to embody the skills and practices of a lifestyle of wellness and wholeness.


Immersion in a holistic learning community dedicated to the calling of natural healing and compassionate service.

You will have ALL Access to every aspects of the Learning Experience: including color therapy pages, the meditation village, therapy modalities, online library and online help and assistance, when in need.

You are given FREE access to our 10,000+ members community, Alternative Answers and our 1500+ members community, Stones and Crystals

Immerse yourself, discuss and engage in conversations and the power of community shared by others with your own interests!


As our “thank you to you”, once you have passed your course, we offer you a FREE listing in the International Therapists Directory.

This world-wide listing gives others access to your practice!  You can share your important information with those who are seeking your service and help.

This directory is endorsed by the National Association of Holistic Wellness. We have teamed up with the world leader in database and communication – nSphere unlocking the world’s local information and is powered by a unique approach to local search that has generated results for thousands of data partners.


Working with Chakra and the Aura can have a profound affect in the healing arena.  Light and color can transform the mental-emotional experience, which in turn can change the way you handle a physical situation. It may even change your path of healing in ways you have not even begun to imagine!

Your official “Chakracologist” Therapy Certification offers you new and exciting professional possibilities anywhere in the World!  You will receive your one program book filled with information, lessons, quizzes, the final test exam, in the mail, as soon as you join!

The “Chakracology” Therapist Workbook and Manual Course Program Tuition is $269.00 US. for the entire course!  This is a phenomenal offer for the information and certification you gain from this course!

The Chakracology PLUS Experience

With this version, you will receive your one program book filled with information, lessons, quizzes, the final test exam as soon as you join!  You will also receive:

* Seven Chakra Semi-Precious Gemstones 
* Aura Layer Meditation Cards
* Crystal Elixir Oil
* Aura Vibrational Myst
* Energy Bracelet
* and a FREE Gift Bag!

These tools will allow you to start work right away by applying what you are learning with the workbook and manual!

We invite you to participate in what may be one of the most valuable experiences of your life!

We hope this helps in your quest for a wonderful, educational Chakra Therapy Certification Program that will benefit you and all those you touch!

The “Chakracology” PLUS Course Program Tuition is $269.95 US. for the entire course and above materials (which allow you to get started on your course, right away!)  This is a phenomenal offer for the information and certification you gain from this course!

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