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Buddha Feng Shui Set - Hamsa - Grey

Buddha Feng Shui Set - Hamsa - Grey

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Buddha Feng Shui Set - Hamsa - Grey

Introducing our Buddha Feng Shui Set with captivating Hamsa design in a serene Grey color. This exquisite set combines the spiritual essence of Buddha and the protective power of the Hamsa symbol to create a harmonious and positive energy in any space.

The Buddha, a revered symbol of enlightenment and inner peace, emanates a serene aura, inviting a sense of balance and serenity into the environment. 

The Hamsa, a universal symbol of protection and good fortune, acts as a shield against negative energies while attracting abundance and positive vibrations.  

The combination of the Buddha and Hamsa in this set creates a powerful synergy, promoting spiritual well-being and a harmonious atmosphere. 

Ideal for your home, office, or studio, this Buddha Feng Shui Set will draw you into its captivating design and the positive energy it radiates.

Origin: Indonesia

Material: albasia wood


Buddha: 25cm

     Stand: H- 29 x 45cm 

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