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Big Buddha Statue

Big Buddha Statue

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Big Buddha Statue


This beautiful red wood big Buddha statue symbolizes happiness and prosperity. As a symbol for business, he can attract more customers, and for your home, he brings joy. The Buddha holds a large ingot, representing wealth, and carries a laughing expression, symbolizing happiness. The auspicious Chinese characters on the base also bring abundance. The base and the Buddha are seamlessly connected.


How to place the big Chinese Buddha?

  • You can place it in your living room to bring good luck to home
  • Place it at the Southeast of your house to bring wealth
  • Place it at South for knowledge
  • Display it at the East for health
  • Display it in front of your cashier or register counter to bring more business
  • Place it at Southwest for happiness
  • Place it on your desk near you work/study to concentrate your mind

Dimension: approx. 12 1/2" x 12" x 27 1/2"

Material: resin

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