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9 Desert Stones Collection

9 Desert Stones Collection

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9 Desert Stones Collection

These desert stones have been acquired from desert climates all over the world for your healing purposes.

This kit also includes: extensive details on how these stones were found and how to work with all 9 of them. You will be shown how to clean them, use them for healing and how you attune/bond with them. Included is the history of each one, and most importantly, their metaphysical properties. 

Also included are (20) Desert Incense Cones created from sweet grass, desert bloom and sage, a 4″ x 4″ copper grid plate for creating your own ley lines and stone grids, (2 ounces) sage and some great grid suggestions.  

Please note: the size of stones will vary, depending on availability. We aim to offer you the best quality of crystals and desert stones available for all your healing needs. 

Beautifully packaged!

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