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Meditation Buddha Head Statue

Meditation Buddha Head Statue

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Meditation Buddha Head Statue

This beautifully crafted Meditation Buddha Head sculpture showcases a detailed and polished Meditation Buddha. By displaying a Buddha figure in any space, whether it's a room, home, or office, you invite wisdom, everlasting harmony, tranquility, forgiveness, and understanding.

As a spiritual teacher in India and the progenitor of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha underwent a powerful transformation and attained divine knowledge and enlightenment after a period of fasting and inner turmoil. He is revered as the Supreme Buddha by followers of Buddhism around the world, and the religion embodies inner serenity and gradual illumination. 

How to place Buddha Statue?

  • You can place it in your living room to bring good luck to home
  • Place it at the Southeast of your house to bring wealth
  • Place it at South for knowledge
  • Display it at the East for health
  • Display it in front of your cashier or register counter to bring more business
  • Place it at Southwest for happiness
  • Place it on your desk near your work/study to concentrate your mind

 Dimension: The dimension of the Buddha head is approx. 5" x 6" x 9".

Material: resin.  It is metal plated to make it look like metal.


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