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Feng Shui Course and Journal

Feng Shui Course and Journal

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Feng Shui Course and Journal

~ The Feng Shui Course and Journal makes it possible for you to improve relationships, maximize career potential and enhance your environment! Use this amazing how-to guide to create change!

Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) is the ancient Chinese art of placement to enhance the flow of “vital life energy” known as Qi. Practitioners believe that rooms, buildings and all environments can be arranged and decorated in a way that maximizes the flow of Qi and, resulting in improvements to health and happiness of those who live in that environment. Although the translation of Feng Shui basically means “Wind and Water”, its scope and breathe are much deeper than this.

The Feng Shui Journal is a unique workbook that guides you step by step through the principles and techniques of the Chinese art of living! It also includes interactive exercises and charts for your individual needs. The journal pages provide ample space for tracking your progress in each of the important life areas.

Andrew Pacholyk has teamed up with Feng Shui experts, Dr. Luna Wells and Dr.Guo-Yuan Yang to bring you the best ways to manage your relationships in life.


We are honored to offer the Feng Shui Journal for beginner to advanced Feng Shui practitioners. This journal covers an extensive background on Feng Shui techniques history, usage, clearing, cleansing, manifesting and helpful information in order to bring balance back into your life! What better place to start, then in your home. We go room to room to instill peace and proper flow of energy-Qi.


We spend a large portion of time (and our life) working. Here you discover how to bring balance back into your work (force). Encourage creativity, explore the aspect of colors, learn how to re-arrange your space for better productivity, and better communication and the free flow of money (and ideas).  Understand the do’s and don’ts of office etiquette, the organizing of work and files and the juxtaposition of your employees.


Feng shui plays a part in all the other parts of your life as well!  Relationships, family, travel, wealth, health, and knowledge are just some of the areas you can achieve balance by applying our specific techniques. From the dynamics between you and your boss, the love connection with your partner, the relationship between parents and siblings to our relationship with nature and the seasons, the yin-yang pairings play an important role.


In Feng Shui, a map called a Bagua is used to maximize the Qi or energy of a given environment. The map divides a room into 9 squares of equal size, with each grid corresponding to a specific “gift” in life, such as health, love, and knowledge. If there is an imbalance, it is often due to excesses or deficiencies, which can be corrected by adding the needed element or by using its associated color. An overabundance of an element can be corrected by adding its controlling element, by lessening the element itself, or by using the associated colors.  From the right use of colors to adding a fountain, certain “tools” such as crystals, candles, mirrors or chimes can be feng shui remedies or cures to help you create good energy in any aspect of your life.


The home study student can work at their own pace and enjoy the benefits of learning whenever they have the time to do so.  Everyone can work when they want, on their own time. You may take as long as you wish to complete this course. There are NO deadlines, NO expectations, NO pressure. The intention is to make this a hands-on practical course which becomes a living experience, NOT just interesting reading.


This home study course builds in different tools and techniques for your feng shui needs.  It opens your mind up to other approaches when working with the natural flow of energy that you may not have been aware of. It gives you a range of ideas and scope of practice to pick and choose from.  If one remedy of “cure” may not be effective for a particular situation, you have several ways to achieve the same goal.

This incredible course curriculum includes:

An Intro to Feng Shui
Aromatherapy Cleansing
Baqua Step by Step
Clearing and Decluttering
~ Career
~ Creativity and Children
Diagramming your House
~ Fame and Reputation
~ Family and Growth
Feng Shui and Color
Feng Shui and Money
Feng Shui and Cures
Feng Shui and Elements
Feng Shui and Office
Feng Shui and Room by Room
Finding Inspiration
Fixing Your Feng Shui Problems
Growth and Change
~ Health
~ Helpful People and Travel
~ Knowledge and Skills
Ley Lines and Crystals
~ Prosperity
~ Relationships
Rituals for Cleansing
Cleansing Sacred Herbs
The Cycles of Nature
The Fear of Letting Go
Tips for Letting Go
Your Chinese Horoscope


You will gain over 250-hours upon successful completion of this program. This can be the advancement of your rewarding career in feng shui therapy.

Acquire the education of extensive, world class techniques, as well as clinical counseling techniques which are necessary for anyone to understand.

You will learn the transformation and personal growth that has come to be known as the “Peaceful Mind Energy Experience”.  This foundation is the basis of all our home study courses and eBooks. It is the process of learning with an open mind, learning information that builds upon itself and helps you to comprehend healing information in a positive, non-judgmental way.  This helps you to embody the skills and practices of a lifestyle of wellness and wholeness.


Immersion in a holistic learning community dedicated to the calling of natural healing and compassionate service.

You will have ALL Access to every aspect of the Peaceful Mind Learning Experience: including color therapy pages, the meditation village, therapy modalities, online library and online help and assistance, when in need.

You are given FREE access to our 10,000+ members community, Alternative Answers and our 1500+ members community, Stones and Crystals

Immerse yourself, discuss and engage in conversations and the power of community shared by others with your own interests.


You can join the National Association of Holistic Wellness and add your FREE listing in the International Therapists Directory.

This world-wide listing gives others access to you and your practice!  You can share your important information with those who are seeking your service and help.

This directory is endorsed by the National Association of Holistic Wellness. We have teamed up with the world leader in database and communication – nSphere unlocking the world’s local information and is powered by a unique approach to local search that has generated results for thousands of data partners.


Working with the art of placement can have a profound effect on your health, wealth and well-being.  Bringing awareness can transform the mental-emotional experience, which in turn can change the way you handle a physical situation. Working with feng shui can change your outcome. It may even change your path of healing in ways you have not even begun to imagine!

This fantastic Feng Shui Journal offers you new and exciting professional possibilities anywhere in the World!  You will receive your one program book filled with information, lessons, quizzes, techniques and tools, in the mail, as soon as you join.

Feng Shui Kit as an added bonus to the Feng Shui Course and Journal

“Feng Shui Kit”

As an ADDED BONUS Andrew has compiled many Feng Shui tools and remedies to be utilized in your practice as you work right along with your journal!  This kit includes a compass, 2 kinds of cleansing incense, an incense holder, a bagua mirror and the Feng Shui Empowerment Pouch with 4 crystal tumble stones, and an I Ching Coin, all included in a beautifully embroidered bag.

* Order this unique journal NOW COMPLETE with the Feng Shui Kit, to help you Master your REAL Feng Shui results, enrich the quality of YOUR life and LOOK better, FEEL better…LIVE BETTER!

The Feng Shui Course and Journal Program Tuition is $199 U.S. for the entire course!  This is a phenomenal offer for the information and certification you gain from this course!

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