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Elephant Long Tibetan Incense Holder

Elephant Long Tibetan Incense Holder

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Elephant Long Tibetan Incense Holder

Welcome a touch of exotic beauty and cultural richness with the Elephant Long Tibetan Incense Holder. This handcrafted masterpiece is not just an incense burner; it embodies good luck, protection, and strength, all deeply ingrained in Tibetan tradition.

Each holder is assembled from tiny ceramic pieces, resulting in a unique tapestry of color and symbolism. The majestic elephant figurine takes center stage. In Tibetan culture, elephants are revered for their strength, wisdom, and ability to bring good luck. Their presence on the incense holder imbues it with powerful symbolism that resonates with many people.

For those who appreciate handcrafted beauty, are drawn to exotic cultures, or simply seek a touch of serenity and good fortune in their home, the Elephant Long Tibetan Incense Holder makes the perfect gift. 

It transcends its functional purpose. The intricate design and symbolism create a conversation starter, inviting folks to explore the rich heritage of Tibetan culture.

Dimensions: 23 x 4 x 3.5 cm

Product of India

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